Create modular collections of tasks by using Blueprints

Procrastinate provides Blueprints as a way to factor a large number of tasks into smaller self contained collections.

You may want to create a collection for simple organisational reasons within the same project. Or you may want to maintain a collection of tasks in a separate package which is maintained independently of your Procrastinate codebase:


from my_external_package import tasks_blueprint

app.add_tasks_from(tasks_blueprint, namespace="my_external_package")

Blueprints are easy to use, and task creation follows the pattern and API as App.task().

Firstly, create a Blueprint instance and then create some tasks:

from procrastinate import Blueprint

my_blueprint = Blueprint()

def mytask(argument, other_argument):

In your project register the blueprint with the App after you have created it:

from procrastinate import AiopgConnector, App

app = App(connector=AiopgConnector())

app.add_tasks_from(my_blueprint, namespace="unique_name")