Use Procrastinate in a Django application

Install procrastinate with:

$ (venv) pip install 'procrastinate[django]'

This tells pip to consider the extra dependencies from the group of dependencies named django. For now, this group only contains Django itself, which you likely already have in your project’s dependencies. So why bother?

Specifying your dependency to the “django extras” will ensure that your Django version and the one we support stay in sync through time (for now, we support every version, but if we learn of strong incompatibilities, we’ll update the lib: we’re considering every version is compatible until proven otherwise). Also, while this is not the case today, if our Django integration ever requires other third-party packages, they will be added here.

Add Procrastinate in your INSTALLED_APPS:


Configure your procrastinate app from your Django settings:

import procrastinate
from procrastinate.contrib.django import connector_params

app = procrastinate.App(

(See Create your connector for more on how to instantiate your connector.)

Procrastinate comes with its own migrations so don’t forget to run ./ migrate.