Set the database PG schema

Any PostgreSQL database contains one or more schemas. Schemas are PostgreSQL way of implementing namespaces for database objects. See the PostgreSQL Schema documentation for more details on schemas. See the glossary on schema for a note on the several meanings of the term schema.

By default Procrastinate uses the public schema, which is PostgreSQL’s default schema, i.e. the schema that every new database contains.

To have Procrastinate use another schema than public, change the schema search path when creating the PsycopgConnector:

app = procrastinate.App(
            "host": "localhost",
            "options": "-c search_path=myschema",

With this the procrastinate schema --apply command will create the Procrastinate database objects (tables, functions, etc.) into the myschema schema. And all the SQL queries issued by Procrastinate will apply to the database objects of that schema.

This may be a way to have multiple Procrastinate instances share the same database.