Running custom Django scripts

By default, procrastinate is the recommended way to run the worker and other CLI commands. That said, if, for some reason, you want to run the worker yourself, it’s possible but slightly more convoluted.

The DjangoConnector configured on the default Procrastinate app cannot be used to run the worker directly but the DjangoConnector provides a method to get a suitable connector: get_worker_connector().

# myapp/
from procrastinate.contrib.django import app

def main():
    # By default, the app uses the Django database connection, which is unsuitable
    # for the worker.
    app = app.with_connector(app.connector.get_worker_connector())

if __name__ == "__main__":


The .get_worker_connector() method is only available on DjangoConnector and the API isn’t guaranteed to be completely stable yet. Either psycopg or aiopg need to be installed for this to work. psycopg will be used by default.