Retry stalled jobs

When a worker gets a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal requesting it to terminate it waits for running jobs to finish before actually exiting. But, if the worker gets a second SIGINT or SIGTERM signal, or if it’s killed with SIGKILL, it will terminate immediately, possibly leaving jobs with the doing status in the queue. And, if no specific action is taken, these stalled jobs will remain in the queue forever, and their execution will never resume.

To address that problem, Procrastinate offers functions that can be used in a periodic task for retrying stalled jobs. Add the following in your code to enable automatic retry of tasks after some time:

# time in seconds for running jobs to be deemed as stalled

@app.periodic(cron="*/10 * * * *")
@app.task(queueing_lock="retry_stalled_jobs", pass_context=True)
async def retry_stalled_jobs(context, timestamp):
    stalled_jobs = await app.job_manager.get_stalled_jobs(
    for job in stalled_jobs:
        await app.job_manager.retry_job(job)

This defines a periodic task, configured to be deferred at every 10th minute. The task retrieves all the jobs that have been in the doing status for more than 30 seconds, and restarts them (marking them with the todo status in the database).

With this, if you have multiple workers, and, for some reason, one of them gets killed while running jobs, then one of the remaining workers will run the retry_stalled_jobs task, marking the stalled jobs for retry.

If you have specific rules for task retry (e.g. only some tasks should be retried, based on specific parameters, or the duration before a task is considered stalled should depend on the task), you’re free to make the periodic task function more complex and add your logic to it. See JobManager.get_stalled_jobs() for details.

Also, note that if a task is considered stalled, it will be retried, but if it’s actually running, then you may have your task running twice. Make sure to only retry a task when you’re reasonably sure that it is not running anymore, so make sure your stalled duration is sufficient.